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About Indoor Air Professionals Center (M) Sdn Bhd

With over 20 years experience and a distinguished list of satisfied customers and has been appointed as a licensee for Southeast Asia, Indoor Air Professionals Centre (IAPC) provides the latest and most advanced cleaning solutions to ensure a clean and bacteria-free air in your indoor environment.

IAPC are the sole agents for Collom Systems of USA, offering the latest in IAQ technologies and solutions for a multitude of situations and environments. From offices, hotels, schools, shopping complexes, factories and oil & gas industry, IAPC has the experience.

A Bumiputra company, IAPC is available for all contracts anywhere in Malaysia. Our fully trained and experienced workforce guarantees a satisfactory job in the most efficient manner to minimise system down time.

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COLLOMT - The World's Most Advanced Duct Cleaning System

COLLOMT nozzles for various duct sizes & configurations

With the state-of-the-art COLLOMT duct cleaning system, we are able to effectively clean & sanitize entire HVAC system to improve the overall health of the building occupants to minimize bacteria known to be associated with sick building syndrome. Our services begin with a site feasibility study to identify the existing problems to follow-up with propose solution; right to the implementation and completion stage.

COLLOMT is the only professional duct cleaning system accredited by Lloyd's Worldwide.